Queen Amanda Elizabeth, Master Lashtician

At Eglam Studios our goal is to enhance the glamour of our clients through lashes and makeup.

As a toddler the founder of Eglam Studios was fascinated with makeup and Glamour. so much so that her great aunt nicknamed her "Lipstick Queen". A born entrepreneur, any female visiting the family home was subject to a nail makeover from "Cutie at the House of Beauty". 

That early love of makeup followed her throughout her formative years and it is no surprise that as an adult she would aspire to ownership of a business in the glamour industry.

While attending college in Atlanta the founder, "Queen" Amanda Elizabeth began to notice young ladies had a certain vibe, a certain air of confidence that seemed to radiate from within. She soon learned that many of them enhanced their natural beauty with mink lash extensions. After many months she tried lash extensions for the first time and as they say the rest is history.

With the encouragement of the owner of Conceited, Inc. she received training and was certified as a lastician. Perfecting her craft for over a year in Atlanta, she returned home to Jacksonville and opened Eglam Studios.

Eglam seeks to empower women to see the beauty within them and free them to see and use thatpower to seek and pursue an Eglam Life.

An Eglam lady is Glamorous, Confident and Sexy.


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